Air travel with children. 3 Tips to Survive, Wait, and Rest With Your Kids:

Going on vacation is supposedly fun, however, when you have young children, it may feel more like a place to stay rather than a vacation.

Having a good flight is essential for a parent's mental health. Getting to your destination is a little worse if you want to stay at home and knowing that you have it all on the way back.

Below are our important tips for not only surviving but also enjoying your air travel with your children.

1. Be organized – It's important to make sure you're super organized. If you can find something you need, then you are more likely to become stressed and therefore less likely to become tolerant. Invest in a convenient bag with cabs that will have everything in place and keep everything in the right place.

2. Food – Only take snacks that you know will succeed. Decide in advance what snacks you are taking and not giving them similar meals a few days in advance so they are extra special. Make sure you have a good blend of healing, protein, and plenty of nutrition. Treats bribes, protein to stop hunger, and something like crackers that can make them sick, no matter how much they eat.

3. Provide simple fun – Don't take anything that may be missing. Don't take anything to which they are very attached. New toys are often a good idea. To make the toy a little more special, you can always pack it and give it on the plane as a gift for good at the airport.

It is important to remember that your vacation has already begun, and if you see it as part of the holiday, you will take it more slowly and quietly. Try it, play word games, play & # 39; rock, paper, scissors & # 39; – Having fun with your kids from time to time will make the trip fun for you all.

Lastly, keep your expectations realistic. If you are traveling with your children on air and screaming, vomiting, and minimal tears, then this should be considered a successful flight.

How to Find Air Travel Discounts?

Finding great air travel discounts is not as difficult as you might think. If you are willing to do a little work, you can save hundreds of dollars on both domestic and international flights. Here are some great places to get airfares:

Online – Frequently airlines offer huge air travel discounts when customers book online. Different brokerage sites negotiate special deals with airlines so they can offer tickets at lower prices than other sites. Going online and comparing real-time flights can make a huge difference in the price of your ticket.

Ask for discounts – You are a senior citizen. Or a member of the military. Often you and your family are entitled to large airline discounts that are not announced. Call your customer representative and ask for any discounts. You and your family members may qualify for discounts you did not know, which can make your flight cheaper on your next trip. If you're flying with your friends or extended family, call your airline immediately and ask if the airline is ready to offer a group discount. Some airlines will offer customers great discounts for group travel in groups of 5 or more.

Use your credit card rewards and frequent flight miles. More than 75% of people who frequent miles or credit card rewards that can join for airline discounts never use them. These discounts can quickly increase, and you can even get free tickets depending on how many bonus points or frequent miles you have. Sometimes it may be necessary to make flights at peak times or other flight restrictions when using them, but the savings may be worth a few inconveniences.

If you spend your credit card properly, airfare is free

What are the best ways to squeeze miles? There are people out there who really know how to play the system and can do better than any of us do. Yes there are. And when they want to travel, the flights just appear out of nowhere. This is what you also need to know to do.

The frequent flight miles you get as a sign-up bonus are really important miles for you. Some credit card companies will actually offer you 80,000 miles to sign up. And to encourage you to spend more on using their cards, they give you thousands of miles if you reach certain spending levels. This is a good way to get started. But that's not enough if you really want to travel; Flights are free and many of them require a little more imagination.

Previously, people who actually worked the system were signing up for credit cards for the very miles they got as a signup bonus and closing their account as soon as they got what they wanted. After that they would re-sign the same card. Card companies, however, have thought about what these people were doing, and they won't let you play them all the time. But they only care if you apply the same card again and again. A major bank Days these days offers dozens of credit cards, many of which offer the same type of registration bonuses. You can only do this practice with different credit card brands of the same bank. Just watch your frequent flight miles.

Here's a kind of really disgusting technique that needs guts. So ask yourself: What do you need to do after having a credit card and signing up for bonuses? What is it that you have to do to earn more miles? You need to buy stuff by spending thousands of dollars on your credit card. Now you can really do it, can you? Well, you can, if you're only buying money.

Maybe you are telling yourself that you don't really understand how to make money. You see, the US Mint sells dollar coins. It is a kind of memory. But you can spend those dollar coins because they are real money. All you need to do is use your credit card to order thousands of dollars in coins from the US. If you buy a coin worth $ 5,000 with your credit card, that is about $ 5,000 worth of purchases as far as your credit card is concerned. And you get frequent flights for that. US Mint sends you coins for free. You just turn around and keep all the money in your bank. You & # 8217; t just nothing, but you just got yourself thousands of frequent flight miles. How is it free to coordinate the game system? Flights to just about anywhere have just become free for you.

Air travel

Air Travel has greatly influenced our social and material lives. It has actually changed the way we think, live, and even we look at ourselves and the world around us. It played a big role in bringing people from different cultures, different religions and countries together, which otherwise would not have been possible. Intercontinental services are no longer a surprise. Flights to Cairo from all the major destinations of the world are so popular that people are now addicted to air travel. Entering any foreign country has never been so easy. Air Travel has no long history. The aviation industry was born in 1903 when the Wright brothers flew their first air craft, a machine & # 39; Flyer & # 39 ;. This laid the groundwork for a whole new aviation industry, and the first scheduled air transport began in January 1914.

In the past, people used to sail by sea. Traveling by boat was a very difficult thing, not only taking too long to reach a distant destination, but also taking many days to reach even one country. But as technology evolved, air travel narrowed the way for other conventional travel. Now getting flights to anywhere else in Cairo is just a matter of a hundred thousand travel companies with just one call or every click of the site. These companies have led their travel advisory teams to tell you the travel destination, your travel dates, your departure and arrival destination, as well as the types of airfare you can afford. They are looking for airlines that offer flights to your desired destination and give you the fare you can afford. Suppose you are looking for cheap flights to Cairo. They will search for all Cairo airlines, such as: Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, British Airways, KLM and Ethiopian Airways.

Cairo is one of the most popular places for history lovers. It is the capital of Egypt, home to the pyramids of Egypt. In the past Europeans only dreamed of traveling to Egypt and witnessing its ancient pyramids, one of the wonders of the world. Flights from the UK to Cairo are now operating in the region. Almost all the world's leading carriers fly to Cairo. The choice of the airline depends on you, as it depends on your comfort level and availability. If you can't afford it, you will definitely choose cheaper airlines giving you cheaper Cairo flights. Again, if your comfort level is very high, you will be looking for a luxury airline that offers you business class flights.

Essential air travel tips

With a little thought and planning in advance, you can be sure that your air travel is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Here are some great tips to help you decide if you are upgrading to the best seats on the plane, and even what to do if you find that your passport has expired just before departure.

What does that airline letter mean to me?

One letter from all airline ticket information can tell you how convenient your trip is. The letter you are looking for is just ahead of the flight date. It checks the person for how much you have paid for your flight, which dictates updating or even getting a decent seat at the front.

The letter on the BA ticket, for example, shows the full economy fare, with S, Q and O indicating that it is a reduced fare and that your legal seat may be next to the toilets. Each airline has its own code, but fortunately, http: //, dedicated to the airline's minutiae, describes it in detail in its Miles & Points forum.

Which places should I look at?

Check out http: //, which will take you to the selected places. They have many tips, for example, the lines that are closest to air conditioning and therefore colder and which have no windows.

You will have to wait until the emergency exit points are requested. They are never available on the web because the airline has to make you workable.

However, they are not always the best choice. In some planes, the emergency exit line impedes the shape of the door. Similarly, if the aircraft is fitted with an emergency cork, then a row window seat is located behind the exit to test the smart position. There will be no seat in front of it to accommodate the cabinet. You should also check the lines next to the back: As the cabin leans toward its tail, some places have extra depth.

Which places should I avoid?

It is easier to avoid rows to avoid.

If you find that children and air travel do not mix, remove most of the surrounding area. This is where airlines usually place children with infants and toddlers. And give the lines directly in front of the main part and skip them immediately, because those places generally do not fully expose. If the noise disturbs you, again avoid the back where the engine noise is higher. And if you suffer from an airway injury, aim to sit near the leading edge of the wing, where you are least likely to end up searching for a sick bag.

How to get an urgent passport?

For an ineffective traveler who has not been able to carry his passport for two years, there is an alternative to full-scale despair.

First search the "emergency passport" on the Internet and find the phone number of the relevant department. Then call and ask your business for immediate help. Different countries have different accident schemes, but be prepared to participate in person and pay extra to quickly track your passport.

Relax before your flight

If you become a member of one of the VIP lounge clubs, you can relax with drinks, snacks, newspapers and magazines away from the airport bustle, some credit or charge cards also allow access to the same or similar facilities.

Take a quiet trip

If you're flying long, it might be a good idea to buy a noise reduction headset at the airport. If you are prone to jetlag, there have been some encouraging reports of melatonin's effectiveness (see

Of course, any flight is a good idea to avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water.

Cancellation of flight by EU airlines

If you are flying to an EU airport or EU airline, the EU rules are clear. If the flight is canceled less than seven days after departure, you are entitled to a refund, flight home and compensation, the value of which depends on the distance of your flight and the delay in returning you. You must be given a written notice at the airport, and compensation must be paid within seven days. Details of these and other regulations can be found on the EU official website:

You also have the right to rest at the airport, depending on your wait time and two free phone calls, plus overnight and transfers if needed. The Air Transport Users Council (AUC) website provides full details at

However, in certain "emergencies", including bad weather, unexpected security flaws and security risks, there will be no entitlement to compensation.

We have found that some airport staff seem to be better prepared for exceptions than regulations, so always be persistent and claim your rights.

And a safe and smooth trip.

Credit Rewards Credit Cards for Cheap Air Travel

When we talk about airline credit cards, it means that there are travel rewards on the plane. However, air miles are not for everyone. To use them effectively, you must repay the balance each month. That is, there are no interest rates that can be more than offset the potential benefits of travel. If you can't pay the balance every month, then such a card is not for you.

Having an air reward card should be based on your financial status and travel arrangements, as they can be expensive. If you are a traveler and consistently flying one airline, such a card can be a great choice. Before you get one, you need to understand card contracts, as there are many people who take their cards without understanding the terms and that is so frustrating.

Understanding the terms and conditions of Travel Travel Premiums varies so much that it is sometimes difficult to make a useful comparison because card offers are often not so easily communicated, which sometimes confuses people. You need to think carefully about rules and travel examples such as, if you can ever easily reach 20,000 points, then this can be the starting point for redemption.

One of the concerns with this type of card is that interest rates cannot pay your entire balance. Having a Reward Travel Reward Card means that you are planning ahead, especially when you are paying big financial fees every month. One more thing, their terms, which include management repayments, are often changed without notice. So, in order to get this Flight Reward Card, you need to plan carefully.

Air reward cards usually have an annual fee, unlike other reward cards that do not have an annual fee. In the past, these cards were for frequent travelers only. Now air reward cards are used to pay for everything from gas, food, tuition fees to mortgages, vehicles, and more. Some even use air rewards credit cards to pay for cosmetic surgery procedures that make this card more convenient.

There are many credit card companies that offer different types of credit card rewards for simply acquiring customers. Other credit card companies do not offer closing dates and seat restrictions: fly any airline anytime, anywhere, no expiration date, even use car rentals, hotels and merchandise. Never abuse your cards.

It is important to know the different air reward credit cards and the benefits of it. There are many companies launching tempting ad campaigns at different times of the year where they offer 0% introductory prices. There are also some companies that offer lower credit cards but with limited rewards.

Rewards cards can collect points for free flights, hotels, restaurants, car rentals and other benefits. Air reward credit cards accumulate points that are reimbursed for free flight at nearly 250 major airlines. The important thing is that you know how to handle your credit, live within your limits, so you can pay your balance every month.

Air travel to new heights

Commercial airline travelers who want to stow the window seat will be happy to discover that those seats are now a thing of the past. Optimal air travel reaches a new level of seating above the aircraft. With the all-new SkyDeck created by Windspeed Technologies, passengers will have the added opportunity to view 360 degree views from above the aircraft.

This new SkyDeck can also be added to a private jet. Both seats are not required. The buyer can make one of his own planes with ease. Windspeed Technologies is proud to announce that their goal is "to create the next exciting in-flight entertainment for VIP aircraft owners and airlines." The company also added that "SkyDeck can be fitted with a wide range of aircraft, ranging from large bodies to smaller executive planes … We wanted a product that would provide a higher level of entertainment to reduce the boredom of long flights."

Optimal air travel to the seats above the aircraft reaches a new level of completeness only through cost. Depending on the size of the aircraft, each SkyDeck will be deployed anywhere from $ 8 million to $ 25 million for development.

However attractive it may be to this new design, Windspeed Technologies has acknowledged some concerns about the installation of SkyDeck. One of those concerns was about tailing the aircraft, as adding a deck would slightly change the aerodynamics and increase the weight of the aircraft. This was resolved by maintaining the tear design, coupled with appropriate engineering plans and measurements. SkyDeck also had to be mounted on the back of the aircraft in order to minimize the additional cost of new fuel.

Another concern with SkyDeck was the dome itself. Windspeed Technologies has assured that the materials used in the construction of the dome are as solid as those used in the construction of the aircraft. The monitoring area is designed to withstand all possible load conditions. This includes impacts from birds and flying loads. SkyDeck will also be equipped with UV coating to protect passengers from harmful sun rays. The other remaining problem is the condensation that builds along the canopy surface, which can cause fog to build up. Still, Windspeed Technologies has found a solution to this problem by adding a coating of film along the surface of the awning.

This new technology advances passengers everywhere who believe that air travel is reaching a new level at the top of the plane. Instead of spending more money on improving the flight experience (such as eliminating food or luggage charges), a commercial lift will be installed at commercial airlines, which will raise seats by allowing passengers access to SkyDeck. Passengers will enjoy the view from 30,000 to 35,000 meters in the air. However, it is unlikely that passengers will be able to get out of this deck.

SkyDeck is already licensed and is awaiting the trademark.

Are you preparing for a foreign flight? Air Travel Tips Part Six

Getting off the plane to go anywhere can seem to make it harder every day. New safety procedures and safety considerations foster an endless parade of rules and regulations. This article, the sixth series finale, can help you through the maze. Make sure you assemble the entire series.

  • You have trouble sleeping on the plane. You're a nervous passenger. Wrap chamomile tea labels When the aircraft is in the air, ask the flight attendant to warm up a bit and sprinkle a soothing cup of chamomile tea. It can help you relax in a quiet sleep.
  • If you have connecting flights, make sure your luggage is tagged as your final destination. This will save you the trouble of collecting luggage, securing security and catching your connecting flight.
  • Instead of paying a steep price for headphones, make sure you pack your own.
  • Avoid this deadly feeling. Walk or work out in the gym before leaving for the airport. You will arrive refreshed and ready to confront the joke crowd at your destination.
  • Check out all the airport terminals you will travel on. You can use the internet to locate airport maps. Study them for a while and take prints with you while traveling. If you are expecting a time crunch between flights, carefully study the map before landing to know where it is needed to get to the next plane.
  • Airport restaurant food is much higher than what is served on board. Eat at the terminal before boarding and during delays between connecting flights.
  • Be aware of where emergency doors are located. Count the number of places near the exit to find your way out in a smoke-filled cabin. Read board information on safety procedures. Then relax. The chances of serious problems are very slim.
  • Try to get a preliminary ticket assignment. This will reduce the likelihood of confusion.
  • If possible, see if you can pack everything into one religion. You save time and worry because you will be able to bypass the checked luggage system (and the possibility of lost luggage).
  • If you are taking anti-nausea medicines, do so the minute you squeeze your seat. Drugs need time to get into your system before it can bring you any benefit. Waiting until you vomit is too late.
  • The most dangerous parts of a Flight Flight are landing and landing. If possible try ordering non-stop flights. You save time and increase security. Keep in mind that, compared to all other forms of travel, air is the safest way to travel.
  • If you wear contact lenses, dry air in the cabin can irritate sensitive eyes. You may want to go through the glasses. If you do not want to get in touch with your contacts, make sure they are scrupulously clean and that you rub them.
  • Don't take your tickets with you when you are sightseeing and dining. These are important documents that should be treated with the same care as a passport. If you lose a ticket, report it immediately. Replacement may take some time, which will require you to pay for a second ticket (while waiting up to several months for a refund).
  • To help very young children with pressure changes during a fall, encourage them to chew gum or suck a hammer (or thumb).

(c) Copyright by Katie Steinena. This article is free to publish only if the copyright notice, journal, and author's note are included below (with active links).

Cheap air travel

If you are one of the travelers who travel a lot, looking for a cheap air travel is a must. Compared to any other mode of transport, it is air travel, which allows the passenger to reach the desired destination in a very short period of time. Finding information on cheap air travel or similar articles that can help save some money requires a lot of research and advice. There are many travelers looking for discount airfare but no details on where to look for. No doubt, when we talk about cheap airfare, travelers love to make a good deal on airline tickets. Travelers tend to look for cheaper tickets, special offers, discounts and discounts. Getting a cheap travel deal is not about hard work, but about smart work and smart planning. Business travelers don't mind spending some extra money on airline tickets, but they do it for the average traveler, which is why you need to plan smart before you travel to avoid a hole in your wallet.

One way to find cheap and affordable airline tickets is through airline co-ops. A flight ticket aggregator in an individual or organization that buys most or large blocks of airline tickets and then sells them at a relatively low cost. There is only one major drawback when buying such tickets: exchange flexibility is diminishing, and customer service is not as dependent on expectations. But let's not forget that flight attendants are considered one of the best when it comes to air travel. You can search for an online concierge who offers flight tickets. Cheap travelers should visit such online consolidation sites for comprehensive information on cheap or discount airfare rates. So don't waste anymore and start comparing different prices for different flights from different consolidators and get the best deals on cheap airline tickets. There are also some reliable travel agents who can help you gather information from the internet. One of the basic rules of your feet is doing your research correctly and referring to all possible sites before coming to a conclusion.

Comparing and browsing the web is a good way to buy great airline deals. Check if your airline ticket is discounted by comparing different airline ticket prices online. In general, comparing and viewing is a tedious process for some people, and for them the best thing to do is to contact a travel agent. Go to a very reliable travel agency that has all the information about cheap airline tickets, discounted tickets, special offers. A good travel agent has access to various airlines and, therefore, knows about the special prices they offer. Lers travelers are advised to check the required advice and travel information from travel agents.

Sometimes different airlines offer different strategies for offering cheap air travel. One way to do this is to implement a simple fare scheme. In general, airline tickets go up as the plane fills up and the departure date is approaching, so travelers need to book their flight tickets in advance to ensure seats are available. For travelers who want a cheap airfare, it is best to book departure dates 20-25 days in advance. There are many travelers who do not miss out on big airline deals simply because they do not plan their trip correctly or find out how to travel at low prices. To get the most out of it, everybody should do it – plan their trips on Tuesdays and Thursdays as they see fewer trips these days. It is always better to avoid weekends that include Saturdays and Sundays.

Air travel with children

I had promised myself that I would write something informative and useful about traveling with children, as we have now made it to Italy four times – Los Angeles' turn four times with children. Every time I learn more and more things to make the trip more enjoyable for myself, my children, and my companions. I also learned a little about reactive silence with children. Read the following:


Clothes and food / beverages.

Make sure you have a complete change of clothes for your kids (pants, sweaters, shirts, lingerie, lingerie or napkins and socks) and an extra shirt for yourself. During my one-and-a-half hour journey on my last voyage, my 3-year-old son poured a glass of water all over himself and thanked the bar for a complete change of clothes.

You need to bring enough food, snacks, and bottled water or formula to fill the tumors and keep them busy. You can easily get stuck in an airplane and not have anything. Do not depend on the airline as you may be disappointed. Also, their snack food is usually not nutritious. Don't forget their non-spillable cups and / or baby bottle. For very young children you will need a jar of fruit junk and meat dishes, and whatever she usually eats at home. Other good trips to Travel include snacks, fruit, crackers, cookies and stinks (I like candies) while landing. Call ahead to get food for the kids, in addition to having more children, they primarily serve them.

I have used the following trick on many occasions to prevent ear pain during landing of small children: Bring a drop and make tea (sugar) in a bottle. When you start the descent, start dropping your baby's drink at once with a drop. He or she has to swallow, and movement will shake their ears to prevent pain. Keep doing this until your ears are flying as well. I learned this from a German couple flying home for a year. Their baby had no problems when mine refused to drink, drink, or drink. After all, the mine was crying all the time because of the pain.

Toys and activities.

Make sure you bring some toys or activities for your child. You can't always depend on the monitor in front of you, as sometimes they don't work properly. The portable DVD player is also great for watching your favorite movies.

Be early!

Make sure you arrive at international flights at least 3 hours ahead of the airport to secure your seats. It is still a mystery to me why seating reservations are not respected, but they do not get there so quickly and are stubborn that your whole family is sitting together. I don't like the main seats for the simple reason that those arms don't go up. These beets, my friends, are rescuers because you need them to rise so that your angels will sleep while they sleep.

Jet Lag

Children are much more adapted than adults. I do not believe that children fall asleep if they are tired so they can sleep better at night. I believe that if they are tired, they should sleep. You should also try to sleep while they are sleeping, as otherwise the night can be cruel. Know that the entire plane stops (Italy-Los Angeles trips) all week long, so be patient and hang in there.

I can't say whether a child is better or worse traveling after a certain age. It really depends on many factors, and every child is different. My oldest son (3) is now a great traveler, and he has adapted well to both time and climate differences. For him, everything is fine and he is already asking about his next trip. So don't hesitate to travel because of the kids. Try to make it the best trip possible and just get ready. Buon viaggio !!