Planning an airplane trip. Air travel tips and hints: The fifth part

Planning a trip that requires air transportation. Here are twelve practical tips to make your journey more comfortable and at ease. Be sure to collect the entire set of articles for further reference.

  • You should never put your home address or business title on the luggage tag. Use your destination address instead. There are also luggage tags that keep personal information hidden in a special wrapper.
  • If you are tall enough, try to order a book near the window seat near the emergency exit. You will get a lot more room.
  • Since long-haul catering usually starts at the back of the aircraft, you are more likely to get the food you want if you keep a tail.
  • People have been using ginger for centuries to treat the disease. In this old medicine, in fact, there is some scientific validity. Those who swear by it say that ginger neutralizes stomach acid and toxins, while at the same time increasing digestive secretions and promoting healthy bowel movement. The root of ginger has a sharp taste, so you can prefer ginger capsules. Some people love ginger sugar, but it does contain a lot of sugar.
  • Wrap a bathtub in your religion. If the dry cabin air is bothering you, you can wet the napkin and put it on your face for a few minutes. Wet air soothes your throat and nose.
  • Always eat a small meal or snack before boarding. If you are stuck waiting for a flight at the runway or there are problems with delaying food service, you smile while other passengers are disgusted by their growing stomachs.
  • For long-haul readings, you can pack your captain with magazines and store booklets. Get away. Not only will you have a lighter cargo to the airport, but you will also cheer on the next passengers who discover the treasure they have left.
  • IMPORTANT. Double-check the designation labels on your luggage. & # 39; Add & # 39; your bags will be taken from Addis Ababa – not great if they are labeled & # 39; ADL & # 39; (Adelaide, Australia) or & # 39; AED & # 39; (Aleneva, Alaska).
  • Many approve departures, but never think of return flights. It doesn't last long, and can save you a lot of inconvenience.
  • You need to make sure the airline has a phone number where they can reach you for cancellation of flight, lost luggage, personal belongings left on board, etc.
  • You should always wrap presents in a transparent way so that the security / customs can scrutinize items when needed. You can buy gift packs, ribbons and cards before leaving. Put them in your suitcase and wrap everything as you reach your destination.
  • If connecting flights are required, always allow at least two hours. This will allow you to overcome minor delays and give you plenty of time to walk, run or swim from one gate to another. Some airports are huge. In addition, airlines may not have much to worry about to help you reach alternative arrangements if they think the missed connection is your fault.
  • If you are lucky enough to book a flight through the hot food service, you may find that your butter is too cold to spread – no problem. Do not remove the foil from the top of your hot door; Instead, place the butter on a warm surface until softened.

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