Best Ways to Travel With Paintball Gear:

It's awful to take part in a tournament and find out that your e-pup has been broken during the trip. This fiasco has thrown games for many teams that weren't as sophisticated when packed as they should have been. Your paintball equipment is extremely valuable just for throwing in a giant unpredictable duffel bag. Good players pay thousands of dollars for specialized gear; A $ 1500 painting gun barrel is not a mild option. The Paint Traveler Painting Athlete must not only break the right amount of accessories, but also provide them with protected fashion. The solution is choosing the right size bag for the length of your journey and what equipment do you need? In addition to your pointer-specific bag, there are basically three types / sizes of bags available for sale.

Groom's backpack is comparable in size and shape to schoolbags or daytime wearers used by hikers but are specialized in wearing painting gear. These bags are best for bringing your essentials to the field and back, but they rarely have enough room for a change of clothes or even a contest uniform. It is better to travel for longer periods to keep your important outfit together (but separate from your soft stuff). Larger Duffel style bags, called painting kit bags, will often keep not only your play equipment, but also clothing, uniforms and toilet changes. These bags are the best option for night trips and different sizes for several days. Some are better equipped than others for air travel, but better for everything you need to do at an event. The best bags to use when traveling by plane are painters' suit cases. These are similar in size to paintball gear bags, but have tough outer shells or heavier canvas type fabrics. Paintball suit cases offer the best way for your equipment to be handled safely by the airline.

It is better to shop at a paint shop when buying a bag to get the supplies you need to travel. In fact, you can use any bag to move your paintball equipment, but not using a specialized gear can hinder you and keep your event impatient. The main difference between standard bags and travel bags and palette bags is that the bags designed for the painter have specialized features. Plywood bags, gear bags, and suit cases have Velcro ribbons inside to attach and secure your accessories. The best bags for painting equipment have booths that help separate clothing and keep dirty or damp items from drying out. Paintball travel bags are also comparable in cost to other similar standard bags.

It is also important to realize that certain pieces of equipment may have special requirements that make travel safer. For example, your paintball mask should be carefully packaged. Many paint masks are made of vibrant plastic around the lens, which is often easily deformed when carried with everything left in the bag. If that happens or your lenses get scratched, you will be distracted all day long and the game will not be so fun. Moving a paint mask can be best done either with a good velvet soft handbag and / or hard glasses. While this is just another piece of luggage to have fun with, it's the best way to keep and move glass eyeglasses without wrapping them in plastic or scraping lenses.

Moving your paintball air tank is probably the most sophisticated equipment for which it is intended. If you fly, you can only travel with an empty air tank; You cannot fly a fully compressed air tank because it will become a bomb and it is against the law. However, you can drive in a full air tank. The finest compressed air tank costs more than $ 200, so even the slightest scratch or the smallest diving can be heartbreaking. The best advice is to always have your empty air tank covered with a tightly-lined rubber tank, then wrap it all in a bubble wrap and wrap it in between your clothing or your underwear changes. An electronic mill is an important piece of equipment that will greatly depend on the performance of your rifle. Especially for sale, there are no special protective cases that are sold with painters, but some brands come with them. It is best to find the right size plastic container for safe storage and transportation of your loader, especially if you have paid too much for it. When removing (and storing), it is better to remove the e-hubs' batteries to avoid a potential disaster.

In the separated case, moving your paintball gun is the smart way. Hard work is the best choice for maximum protection and will keep your mark safely. Unless you use full-sized rifle cases, a large number of firearm cases are quite compact and fit well in a larger door or kit bag. If you do not have access to a hard case, you can opt for a soft one-sided case, however, it should be wrapped in your shirt and / or pants with as much protection as possible. When packing, always separate the barrels from the rifle, wrap them in a discharge, and preferably together. Some marker barrels have their own transport cabinet, and they are best used for safest travel. If you are flying a forest squad scenario, it is not advisable to carry a real illustrated rifle through a real airport or plane. As much turmoil exists in the world and increased security at airports, a certified replica assault rifle will surely raise eyebrows and possibly be confiscated.