Air travel with children. 3 Tips to Survive, Wait, and Rest With Your Kids:

Going on vacation is supposedly fun, however, when you have young children, it may feel more like a place to stay rather than a vacation.

Having a good flight is essential for a parent's mental health. Getting to your destination is a little worse if you want to stay at home and knowing that you have it all on the way back.

Below are our important tips for not only surviving but also enjoying your air travel with your children.

1. Be organized – It's important to make sure you're super organized. If you can find something you need, then you are more likely to become stressed and therefore less likely to become tolerant. Invest in a convenient bag with cabs that will have everything in place and keep everything in the right place.

2. Food – Only take snacks that you know will succeed. Decide in advance what snacks you are taking and not giving them similar meals a few days in advance so they are extra special. Make sure you have a good blend of healing, protein, and plenty of nutrition. Treats bribes, protein to stop hunger, and something like crackers that can make them sick, no matter how much they eat.

3. Provide simple fun – Don't take anything that may be missing. Don't take anything to which they are very attached. New toys are often a good idea. To make the toy a little more special, you can always pack it and give it on the plane as a gift for good at the airport.

It is important to remember that your vacation has already begun, and if you see it as part of the holiday, you will take it more slowly and quietly. Try it, play word games, play & # 39; rock, paper, scissors & # 39; – Having fun with your kids from time to time will make the trip fun for you all.

Lastly, keep your expectations realistic. If you are traveling with your children on air and screaming, vomiting, and minimal tears, then this should be considered a successful flight.