Air travel to new heights

Commercial airline travelers who want to stow the window seat will be happy to discover that those seats are now a thing of the past. Optimal air travel reaches a new level of seating above the aircraft. With the all-new SkyDeck created by Windspeed Technologies, passengers will have the added opportunity to view 360 degree views from above the aircraft.

This new SkyDeck can also be added to a private jet. Both seats are not required. The buyer can make one of his own planes with ease. Windspeed Technologies is proud to announce that their goal is "to create the next exciting in-flight entertainment for VIP aircraft owners and airlines." The company also added that "SkyDeck can be fitted with a wide range of aircraft, ranging from large bodies to smaller executive planes … We wanted a product that would provide a higher level of entertainment to reduce the boredom of long flights."

Optimal air travel to the seats above the aircraft reaches a new level of completeness only through cost. Depending on the size of the aircraft, each SkyDeck will be deployed anywhere from $ 8 million to $ 25 million for development.

However attractive it may be to this new design, Windspeed Technologies has acknowledged some concerns about the installation of SkyDeck. One of those concerns was about tailing the aircraft, as adding a deck would slightly change the aerodynamics and increase the weight of the aircraft. This was resolved by maintaining the tear design, coupled with appropriate engineering plans and measurements. SkyDeck also had to be mounted on the back of the aircraft in order to minimize the additional cost of new fuel.

Another concern with SkyDeck was the dome itself. Windspeed Technologies has assured that the materials used in the construction of the dome are as solid as those used in the construction of the aircraft. The monitoring area is designed to withstand all possible load conditions. This includes impacts from birds and flying loads. SkyDeck will also be equipped with UV coating to protect passengers from harmful sun rays. The other remaining problem is the condensation that builds along the canopy surface, which can cause fog to build up. Still, Windspeed Technologies has found a solution to this problem by adding a coating of film along the surface of the awning.

This new technology advances passengers everywhere who believe that air travel is reaching a new level at the top of the plane. Instead of spending more money on improving the flight experience (such as eliminating food or luggage charges), a commercial lift will be installed at commercial airlines, which will raise seats by allowing passengers access to SkyDeck. Passengers will enjoy the view from 30,000 to 35,000 meters in the air. However, it is unlikely that passengers will be able to get out of this deck.

SkyDeck is already licensed and is awaiting the trademark.