Air travel with children

I had promised myself that I would write something informative and useful about traveling with children, as we have now made it to Italy four times – Los Angeles' turn four times with children. Every time I learn more and more things to make the trip more enjoyable for myself, my children, and my companions. I also learned a little about reactive silence with children. Read the following:


Clothes and food / beverages.

Make sure you have a complete change of clothes for your kids (pants, sweaters, shirts, lingerie, lingerie or napkins and socks) and an extra shirt for yourself. During my one-and-a-half hour journey on my last voyage, my 3-year-old son poured a glass of water all over himself and thanked the bar for a complete change of clothes.

You need to bring enough food, snacks, and bottled water or formula to fill the tumors and keep them busy. You can easily get stuck in an airplane and not have anything. Do not depend on the airline as you may be disappointed. Also, their snack food is usually not nutritious. Don't forget their non-spillable cups and / or baby bottle. For very young children you will need a jar of fruit junk and meat dishes, and whatever she usually eats at home. Other good trips to Travel include snacks, fruit, crackers, cookies and stinks (I like candies) while landing. Call ahead to get food for the kids, in addition to having more children, they primarily serve them.

I have used the following trick on many occasions to prevent ear pain during landing of small children: Bring a drop and make tea (sugar) in a bottle. When you start the descent, start dropping your baby's drink at once with a drop. He or she has to swallow, and movement will shake their ears to prevent pain. Keep doing this until your ears are flying as well. I learned this from a German couple flying home for a year. Their baby had no problems when mine refused to drink, drink, or drink. After all, the mine was crying all the time because of the pain.

Toys and activities.

Make sure you bring some toys or activities for your child. You can't always depend on the monitor in front of you, as sometimes they don't work properly. The portable DVD player is also great for watching your favorite movies.

Be early!

Make sure you arrive at international flights at least 3 hours ahead of the airport to secure your seats. It is still a mystery to me why seating reservations are not respected, but they do not get there so quickly and are stubborn that your whole family is sitting together. I don't like the main seats for the simple reason that those arms don't go up. These beets, my friends, are rescuers because you need them to rise so that your angels will sleep while they sleep.

Jet Lag

Children are much more adapted than adults. I do not believe that children fall asleep if they are tired so they can sleep better at night. I believe that if they are tired, they should sleep. You should also try to sleep while they are sleeping, as otherwise the night can be cruel. Know that the entire plane stops (Italy-Los Angeles trips) all week long, so be patient and hang in there.

I can't say whether a child is better or worse traveling after a certain age. It really depends on many factors, and every child is different. My oldest son (3) is now a great traveler, and he has adapted well to both time and climate differences. For him, everything is fine and he is already asking about his next trip. So don't hesitate to travel because of the kids. Try to make it the best trip possible and just get ready. Buon viaggio !!