Dog air travel. Tips for Traveling by Air with Your Favorite Dog

Fortunately for dog owners, these animals travel in the air better than cats. If the dog is used to driving, air travel should not be a problem at all. Use the following dog travel tips for a safe and enjoyable airplane ride with your best furry friend.

Certify the health of your dogs before air travel

Not only is dog air better for your dog when traveling, if the dog is healthy, it is actually the law. Federal law requires that the dog be certified within 10 days of the trip to stay healthy, vaccinated and free from infectious diseases. This is very important for any pet trip, big or small.

Avoid excessive temperatures

Ensure the safety of your dog during air travel by never flying with your dog while temperatures exceed 85 degrees or below 35 degrees at both ends of the flight. Many air carriers put on a "hot embargo" and / or "cold embargo" on dog air travel during the summer and winter months, respectively. This means that planes prohibit dog air travel during this period. This should not be seen as a problem, as airlines do it to prevent illness or death and guarantee a safe flight for your dog.

Foreign dog air travel may include quarantine

For international dog travel, remember that some isolated countries, such as New Zealand and England, are flying quarantine animals on board. Before traveling and booking Traveling, be aware of the laws, requirements, and procedures of your specific destination. Unless your flight is stopped, remember that you may have to deal with regulations in many places.

Don't relax your dog on air travel

While sedation may seem like a good idea for cattle air travel, it is & # 39; t: Sedatives are the leading cause of dog death or illness during air travel. The dog cannot receive immediate or professional medical care during air travel, so unnecessary medications cause more harm than good. In fact, many planes reject sedentary pets as a safety warning.

Obedience in dog air travel

Before traveling with your dog, airline travel is the best way to ensure a good flight. Unfortunately, even short air travel means hours of separation between owners and their dogs (with the exception of service dogs). Your medium to large dog will be restricted to the cargo hold for the entire flight.

You can help relieve stress and discomfort on your dog by preparing him or her for dog air travel in advance. Do this by learning your dog a long time in the travel bag. Also, make sure your dog works well with strangers, particularly in a busy, gray, or awkward environment. This will work wonders for traveling with your great furry companion.